Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Baltimore uses all the dictionary rights this year in the defensive group and offensive frontline, and their biggest problem is in the technical position (Skill Position). Their backfield lacks reliable running guards, and the buses are also Mike Wallace and Breis Perryman. After experiencing two unsatisfactory seasons, the latter must be checked. The new show of the previous round of show is full of injuries and erosion, and his second season is also ruined by other unfortunate reasons. His teammates Dennis Pitta said that the Pereman’s race season «is completed all kinds of ball». He is best to bring such a state into September, otherwise Baltimore’s pass offensive will give the team to the team.

Guohi North District Championship: Packaging work lightly taking the lionOn December 29th, Beijing time, a focus battle in Guohi North is launched in the Blue Bao Stadium, which is visited by the Green Bay Bay Pacific Welcome to the Detroit Lion. Both teams have locked the quota quota, and the winners of this game will lock the national northern champion, and in the first round of round, the first round of rounds, that is, there is no need to make an off-card. Finally, with the excellent performance of the whole team, the packaging work takes 30:20 to take the lion. Packaging workers quartz Aaron Rodgers arrived at the second quarter, and Recommended Online site the third quarter returned to the stadium.

NFL official website Ian Rapoport reports on the Haiying team, reported that Saint-Term-end Warmel-Graham is a Seattle Eagle. Saints will send Glaham and a four-wheeled sea eagle to get the first roundabout of the Sea Eagle (31st bit) and the center Max Unger.

Davis said: «We will play an important role in the game, I am very important. We need to do our best to focus on the opponent’s external connections, don’t give them any vacancy. This is a challenge, one Important game, we have the ability to do better. «

The New York Green Green Bang (Gang Green) is not optimistic next season, but two security guards will be successfully reorganized by two security guards in front of the draft conference. Due to the front of the team, the Safety Wei Karvin Pryor was transferred to Creekland, and the two rookies became the main force of the team. The task of the jet defension group is to help the team offensive groups that have not been determined by the four-point guards, and the Adams and Meiya will have great pressure.

Antonio-Gates hopes to continue to fight next seasonLos Angeles Lightning Near Director Antonio-Gates (Antonio Gates) recently expressed the hope to continue to fight next season, so he is about to start with the team to talk about his business next season.

Local time Friday, church Chuck Pagano said that the team is currently very healthy, even if it is a player who is absent from injury, it is also expected to play this week. Greg Toler and Wengta-Davis (Vontae Davis) have a first time. The two will become the key to the pony that can limit the pass attack of Danying Horse.

However, the proximity of the three-degree professional bowl has been injured in the past few seasons. Saints can believe that they get the first roundabout, a stable center and the big contract to get rid of Glaham deserves him to take him before his body is further destroyed.

The second section begins, the offense of the lion still has not been able to distinguish it, and the package worker’s offensive is a wind, but the Raiwei’s scorpion mistakes, and the lion has hide again. Although the first competition Rogers did not complete the ball, the packageman had a lot of credits in the Blue Bao Stadium 7 wins and 0, and he has completed 23 remedy this season. In the second quarter, Rogers who found the feelings were constantly promoted. At the end of the second quarter, there is still 2 minutes and 30 seconds, complete the ball reachable. But after this time, Rogers were hurt. After the other party quadrant injured, the lion players seem to have a little exciting, Stafford is also successful in succession, and finally he and «Wei Zhentian» Calvin Johnson Dano Let the division return to 7 points again.

It is time to look at Tennessee Titan in Mennen South District. Jon Robinson, General Manager of Titan, has made a team’s offensive monster. At the same time, he also used the videos to take the extension department — Davi Corey Davis offers a border guarantee for your young Marcus Mariota. The defensive end, the Titan team provides Jackson & Mdash; & mdash; & mdash; a plug-and-play-and-standing angle guard is also a high war. Back to attack. As a corner guard against the opponent’s top, this South, the South, the star will join hands with Logan Ryan, which is brought by free players, and this summer. If Jackson can take advantage of excellent performance, Titan defensive group has the ability to get rid of the identity of the fish.

Heavy trading: Sea Eagle gets the nest of the nest end GlahamAfter experiencing a disappointed season, the New Orleans saints dared to change blood about lineup. Obviously, the scope of blood is expanded to everyone in almost the team.