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The wild horse close-edge Davis praised Osville and he had tacit understanding

BROCK OSWEILER is now serving as the first quarter of Denver’s wild horse, coach Gary Kubiak, which begins to adopt his own preferences, which means that the close-up front is attacking in the wild horse. The system occupies more important positions.

Davis completed the top 6 battles in the team, and he only completed 2 batches in two games. Davis said he has made a tacit understanding from Osville from the first training of the wild horse. «Sometimes it takes a while to maintain the same rhythm and build a tacit understanding with him,» Davis said. «But with this guy, it seems that we have a tacit understanding from the first day.»

In the three seasons, Hill completed 223 shots, promoted 3255 yards, reached 25 times, he also held the ball 63 times, advanced 477 yards, reached 4 times. In addition, Hill also took 5 times to the special group. Last season, Hill’s number of battles (87, league junction 10), propeling the number (1479, parallel number 4) and the number of times (12, side 3) are new.

External connections that are currently holding the highest salary contract are small Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.). Last year, the giant was signed with Beckham to sign a $ 90 million contract, including $ 65 million security.

Although as a kick attack, I was selected by the Associated Press, and he had not yet sucked the ball from the whole career. He was very close to the battle this season, and he urgently hoped that the game will finally get 1 time to come to the battle. «I want to rush into the Arhead,» Jones said. «I no longer want to run 50 or 60 yards.»

«The mistakes, the error judgment ruined the conditions that could be made.» Sherman said, «Now there is no more things. Earl — Thomas & hellip; & hellip; he playing is still the same. But the ball The team should choose to give a high salary, is the two excellent line guards, or one of the top four-point guards, excellent external deck — Baldwin (DUANE Brown) It is not the player who can send by ordinary contracts. The team has lost the direction, it is so simple. There is too much mistake in this time, they give yourself a pit, can’t craw it. «

Sherman has been in the Seven Sends in the Haiying. During this period, he was selected for a while, and selection of professional bowls four times, and it was a key member of the 2013 Super Bowl’s «Bangman». But the Huawk has only achieved the record of 9-7 this year, and even did not enter the playoffs, there is a lot of regression than ever. Lunar season, Shelman and defensive end Michael Bennett have passed the team and declare the «Boom Processor» Times. At present, the Hawks is also unlikely to be unreached due to the contractual issue of ALL THOMAS. After leaving Seattle, Shelman joined 49 people in San Francisco, and talked about the current situation of the Hawks. He believed that «regrets».

Echizes take over Tailik Hill New Contract or record

Beijing March 6th Tuesday, according to cheap nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the chief has begun to negotiate, related web site contracts on the new contract, contract, Tyreek Hill Salary is expected to be a record level.

How did he accomplish this goal is not tight, but this Cincinnati Mason’s Hand and the attack holder hopes to bring the ball into the opponent side in the next game, no matter what way. «My goal this week is to enter the opponent side through any way,» Jones said.

Gordon did not play the game in December 2014. He took the four muscles in private training this year’s break, which caused him to go to Brown training camp to report a bit into shape, Brown main coach Hue Jackson clearly stated that Gordon needs to lose weight, and from recently, Gordon’s weight loss is good, Jackson also praised his professional attitude. The Brown Trainer Currently, it is not urgent to make Gordon in a short period of time. After all, his ban on the fifth week of the regular season can be truly released.

Brown’s final plan is to enable Gordon and this year’s first-round show, Corey Coleman, becomes the first two groups under the double-exterior, and in the three foreign terminals Trelle Pryor, in the ideal case, the three groups will be a fairly difficult offensive combination. But just as the quarter-Brochi-Griffin III, the Brown Jun Team is full of unknown and uncertain. However, the only thing that allows Brown fans comforted, that is, their coach Jackson is an offensive master. It is necessary to say who will let the Brown offensive group replace the newborn, and only him.

Bell also said that the existence of large capital is not the only reason why he wants to leave the steel man, but it is indeed one of the factors. However, Bell also admit that if the main steelman gives him a contract including more guarantees, he will be willing to stay in the steel man.

Brown taken, Yos-Gordon returns training

Cleveland Brown is the most chiliatry attack weapon. According to Multi-party news, Josh Gordon, Josh Gordon, returned to the team training on Sunday, this is the first return training after he has been released indefinitely, the first alliance first The lineup taken after participating in the field after training, watching the confrontational training of teammates on the field.