Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Starks has a better running guard & mdash; & mdash; Rexi himself also admitted this & mdash; & mdash; included in the sixth week. His game recording first is his rapid explosive force and a change in the future to find an airful ability, and Raybi lacks such an capability.

Elsen Signed a 4-year $ 18 million contract with the giants in 2017, just six weeks before the team’s first round of Evan Engram. Ellison occupied the team’s $ 7.18 million salary space in 2020, but his contribution to the field did not go to the corresponding level.

Grrey took 1251 yards last season, and the ball was a total of 21 times. He did not play the last two games in the regular season due to the pain of left knee. He returned to the finals of the seasons, and the shock won 115 yards and 1 time, helping the team to defeat the Dallas Cowboy.

Cobt once considered the election of the end of the end with excellent performance, but he had not played more in the past three years, and it was in the team, and finally contracted with the giant last season. Cobt played 6 games in 2020, and two of them were first completed.

Both people are not excellent in performance, but Starks will have the opportunity to let the packwork end loses. In the face of the Rankings of the Ranking League, the thirtieth of the lion defensive (133.8 yards), the package is very likely to return to the right track in the shock attack and win.

Giants close-end Fenglete — Ellison considered retirement

The giant’s close-end Fenglete — Rhett Ellison has been fighting for eight years in the alliance. Last season, the brain shock made Ellison absent the last six games in the season.

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«There are so many times I have to answer the question to ask ourselves is, & lsquo; Hey, if I can not play the next game, if this is my last appearance in case it & rsquo;.?» Hasselbeck told ESPN. «I do not know, I really feel there is nothing to change my mind. I think at the end of the season when it would become one of my sit down and consider what this season has been a little bit different season.»

The poor performance of Rexi has made the entire Wisconsin anxious, especially during the two-game losers of the packaging. This third-year running guard 83 sho is only 308 yards, with an average of 3.7 yards per time. In his four games in the past, the number of Siwisi single field codes did not exceed 38 yards and only one game has exceeded 2.1 yards per shock.

Colts coach: not yet determined the next game quarterback candidates

In the game against the Tennessee Titans in the regular-season finale, who will be the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts? Colts coach Chuck — Pagano (Chuck Pagano) can not be determined.

According to Pagano said Matt — Hasselbeck (Matt Hasselbeck) and Andrew — Clark (Andrew Luck) are determined missed the next game. This allows pony only recently signed quarterback Josh — Freeman (Josh Freeman) and Ryan — Lindley (Ryan Lindley) and voted rookie Stephen — Morris (Stephen Morris).

Use different words to describe this is absurd understatement. Who would have thought the colt now in the position where, at the dawn of the next game they can replace the 3rd quarterback trying to find Charlie — Whitehurst (Charlie Whitehurst) suitable substitute?

In the national contest against the Saint New Orleans Saints, Galley completed 5 mushrooms to get 13 yards. In the super bowl, he completed 10 shots to get 35 yards. The ram takes 3-13 to the new England Patriots.

Mike McCarthy, Mike McCart, said that he thought that James Starks was the team’s number one running guard, Raybi was two running guards. «I will say James will now be our number one running in the Detroit Competition,» McCarthy said to the local media. «He won this opportunity. I didn’t believe that the whole season relied on a main run. We will let the two rotate.»

In order to gradually increase Galley’s workload, he followed a set of strict training schedules during the training camp. He participated in a training every two days and replaced with Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson. He and the ram main player and key rotate players did not participate in the preseason.

Whether it is due to injuries (ankles, groin) or weight gain, Razi has not effectively finds air and lacks explosive power. Renee has participated in the training on Wednesday. He leaving the hurt injury in the game.

The news of disappointing thing is that we may never see Hasselbeck out of the race. The 40-year-old quarterback this season, played the hero level performance, he was before the injury off the bench to lead the pony made 4-0 record. After experiencing a series of injuries, including the chin injuries lead to only eat liquid food, difficult for him to finish the race.

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