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The wounded injury in the bear quartz, the injury, the injury, is not heavy.In an instant, Chicago bear wanted to avoid suffering from pain failure again to the hope that they would not losing their first quarter-off.

As a first round of this year, Fürtz expressed support for the development plan to support the bear team. Matt Nagy, Matt Nag, said earlier this week, unless the injury or other accident occurred, and Andy Dalton will serve as the first quarter of the bear’s regular season. guard.

Peterson was accused of his 4-year-old son «Abuse of Discipline Standards», he has 3 days to appeal, and he will definitely do it. This professional bowl player did not cover his wish to return to the stadium as soon as possible.

After the end of this season, in addition to Olakho, another high-yield of the red skin, Ryan Kerrigan, will also become a free player. Red skin must make a decision, how to spend the way as possible, trying to leave the team’s most important player. Only 28 Olakho is a well-deserved professional bowl level players, fans and teams hope that he can continue to be treated in Hongki after this season. However, this injury adds variables to his prospects, undoubtedly there will be a huge impact on future renewal issues.

This season, Olak wave is poor, first seven games, just take the next half. Before the season, Hongki leaving Olakbo using privileged labels, https://www.Truckservicedepot.com providing him a contract of $ 114.555 million a year. As the first round show in Hongpi 2009, Olak Board completed 40 kills in the 71st pre-issuance of career.

Bowman starts sprint training last month, but Fang Jio said that the professional bowl player will «quickly» put the hanging in the wrong idea. «Yes. He accepted surgery in February,» Fang Ji said. «It seems that he is not injured last season. His recovery progresses very well, but you still need enough time to recover. He will still have a few weeks to participate in the team training, which makes his legs Recovery and let him feel comfortable when the leg is in the event. «

Bowman is considered to get some game time after the ninth week. This still left the talented line guards to contribute to the team in the second half of the season, 49 people will face the New Orleans Saints (Top 10), Seattle Hawks (13th Week, The fifteenth week), San Diego lightning (sixteen weeks) and Arizona Red Spits (17th week)

Previously, the red scitch and packages were also interested in Gates. This is also a chance to win the chance to coach Sam Darnold, compared to the players who have received in the dolphins before, and there is not allowed to have flowers. Because of the young and potential four-defense, Gates has proven their ability.

According to the report of NFL Media Ian Rapoport, if you can return, the Viking team believes this 29-year-old running guard will be warmly welcomed by the fans of Minnesota. But unless the appeal is successful, they only wait until 15 years of training camps. The salary of 6 games in the Peterson this season is $ 42 million.

The NFL player will make a statement on this, they will continue to appeal, and the award of Gudel is «another example of the words and deeds». The player will also ask a neutral arbitrator to supervise the appeal process. The statement pointed out: «We call on the NFL Management Committee to convene our players to represent the representatives of our players, and the high-end negotiations on a fair and open and implementable personal behavior.»

Red leather outside Yauarak lord reimbursementWashington Red Skirt Outside Braian Orakpo (Brian Orakpo) has to end in advance. Olak wave has a history of injuries of the left thoracic muscle, this is the right chest muscle, and he will only choose to take the courage.

Filz said: «If I don’t trust this plan, it is hard to achieve results. My mission is now better, do the best quarter-off, hope that the team will win. No matter what I am The starting or replacement, this is what I want to do, I will do my best to help the team win. «

Roger, Roger Goodell further expounded his decision in his letter to Peterson: «The time you return depends on the results of the consultation and disposal process we set. Moreover through these two processes The length is depends on your actions. We have set these processes in order to help you have successful reassessment, but there is no truly involvement. You must guarantee your own sincerity to participate in consultation and rehabilitation, guarantee proper Taking care of your child and no longer make a violation of the laws and alliances. «

Fülz also thank Daltton to help him: «I learned a lot of & hellip; & hellip; any problem, he will answer, even when it passes the ball. After the training project, after training I am tracing the ball, he also deliberately left, see what I may make. He is trying to help me. «

The bear’s offensive system is also different from Fürtz in the university. He said: «In Ohio State University, we are doing no business attack & hellip; & hellip; now I want to make sure you are familiar with you Every step of the merchant, do every detail. «