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Safety 卫 厄尔 — Thomas will sign a contract with a crowAccording to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, the original Haiying safety Wei Her Thomas will sign a 4-year $ 55 million contract with the crow, including $ 32 million. US $ 22 million will pay before the contract is contract.

Thomas signed a 4 million US dollar contract after the season in the 2013 season, and he became the highest salary security guard at the time. He is expected to pay 8.5 million US dollars in the 2018 season.

The 10th week of the Saint New Orleans is the 9th game of Shelman. These absence have made him lose $ 560,000. In addition, he will not get $ 1 million in bonuses because he cannot participate in the team’s 90% defense, will not be able to obtain $ 1 million and $ 2 million in bonuses because it is not possible to select a professional bowl and the best lineup.

The lightning pointed out this week, pointed out that they will continue to stay in San Diego in 2015, but mentioned that «2015 will be the team to seek San Diego stadium for 14 consecutive years.» It is very obvious that the home is very urgent. Mark Davis Mark Davis Earlier this week, I emphaged me this week. «All our energy is working hard to stay in Auckland,» and a year’s stadium lease is one step now. . They and the Rent of O. Coliseum at home this year expire this year. The raids have quietly sustainable with the alliance on the issue of relocation. Davis has established links with other bosses, repaying his father’s debt under the criminals and accepts all possible, including the second move to Los Angeles, playing in the stadium owned by the Alliance. The Alliance will definitely welcome Davis’s team to Los Angeles, if it is the best plan for all aspects. At the same time, the ram that faces on January 28 as a decision to renew the Treatment of the Shengluos Stadium in the Shengluos Stadium per year may propose a new stadium plan in the next few weeks. It is also worth noting that St. Louis City will choose not to elongate leases earlier this year, while agree with the stadium upgrade program. This should make the ram will not move to Los Angeles in the next decade.


For computerstudies.com NFL now, it is impossible to have a team in Los Angeles in 2015.

«I hope I can end your career here.» Thomas said in the ESPN report, «I have no future future in my mind. I will continue to practice, and enjoy the opportunity to play in the professional bowl. If the Hawk hopes Retaining me, the problem of money is definitely not talking. Before the thing, I will come slowly every day. «

Single data is already scary, but Matthew brings the psychological value to the team to increase his value. He speracped in the playoffs. As long as the medical report does not have a problem, this seems to make the coach Bruce Alianz and Matthew as a perfect combination. It is also entirely worth it for a high-pay contract for a first round of show, but the salted fish turned over.

Matthe’s college career ends in a bad way, which makes many teams to avoid him in the draft, but his defensive ability and player can never doubt. He eventually changed the patrue defense group and may be the best security in the season. Matthew City has achieved 5 copy of the season, one of them returned to reaches, 17 times destroyed passed, 80 hugs and once forced the ball.

«He is very good,» Samunan said that Sherman said when the training performance of returns from the injury reserve list. «He can participate in all three days of sparring group training. If we need him playing, we can let him rush back, but this is not the wisest choice. So we let him continue to truce bye week, and then we It is believed that he can play the game against the ram. «

According to Ian Rapoport, the NFL official website is reported, this previously exhibited, but in the late December, the knee, the hemp defensive player will become the general manager in the next day. Steve Kim’s priority goals. Although the Matthew contract has remained that the team wants him to give him a long-term security guard. According to Lotobot, the team is not afraid of Matthew Two knees former cross ligament torn injuries.

Due to an emergency eye surgery last Thursday, Qi Mile missed the game of Viking to Dallas Cowboy. US time he returned to the job on Monday, it was reported to go to Jacksonville as a member with the team.

2015 Los Angeles will not have NFL teamsAlthough there will be an optimistic emotion earlier, there will be 1 to 2 NFL teams in 2015, and the league sources said that when there is an opportunity on January 1, the opportunity to make the relocation application is very small, almost No.

Before the raid, the ram or lightning decision, the alliance decided to find the best stadium position before finding the best team who migrated to Los Angeles. There is no team playing in a temporary home in Los Angeles and then finding a new stadium. After learning this situation, there are three places to be focus: Stan Kroenke has a Hollywood Park, California, California, where there are 172 hectares of land have been visited by at least 2 NFL teams. There is also a plot of Ambits Entertainment Group (AEG), which will build a stadium in the urban area. Three places have shown themselves a viable new stadium.

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