Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Popkins is a 2017 elected show, which can contribute to the special team and defensive group. However, after the packaging work, the old Tramon Williams, which ushered in Kevin King, and the presence of Popkins is not so important. In the Pony depth lineup, Pipkins currently temporarily in Kenny More (Kenny More) and Pierre Desir.

Naji, who served as coach in the first year, is not in the spirit of the first offensive group. «It’s too early, it’s really early,» Naji said. «… When we will get more time to get more appearance time, we will make them cultivated, really in the offensive group, let them make them in the same rhythm. He only has 8 attack time to observe where to go smoothly Where is wrong, but just judge from the 8th attack .. «

Quarter Best Besky slammed the first season of the bear offensive groupBeijing August 11th Mitchell Trubisky welcomed the first preseason in the new offensive system in the new coach Matt Nagy. The second grade of the Chicago Bear is not satisfied with the performance.

Naji is correct. If you only make extreme judgments from several gear offensions are stupid behavior. However, Turbuski honestly evaluates that their performance is also a good thing. This indicates that he is growing as a team leader.

Morrison is a quadruple show in Pony in 2016. A total of 15 games last season, complete 109 hugs, and destroy the ball once. But this year’s racing competition is more competitive than new Ji Najee Goode. For packaging, Line Wi Jack-Ryan race reimbursement, replacing Lien’s rookie Oreun — Box (Oren Burks) shoulder injury, the supplementation is necessary.

«I have always been forced to succeed. At the university, I entered Wholesale nfl Jerseys. After entering the league, I became the strongest running guard. I started to say that» Levie is the strongest running guard «of the league; I didn’t stop working hard, but It seems that the mentality has changed. «

Kuboyk’s evaluation of Trev is «performance is very good, worthy of opportunities», but this does not mean that he is the beginning of the regular season. If he can perform a list of possible starting list in the third episode, there will be his name.

«Our standard is higher, we expect to have better performance,» Tuskiski said. «There is no excuse for the first preseason. We have some experience players in the team last year, so there should not be any lack of tacit understanding. Maybe everyone is very excited, but things are very simple & mdash; & mdash; play, do A good job, playing our performance in training. We strive to train this week. But we have a bad performance in the game. «

Last season, a total of 11 teams scored more than 400, which were Danfo Yam (606), Chicago Bear (445), New England Patriot (444), Philadelphia Eagle (442), Dallas Cowboy (439), Cincinnati Meng Hu (430), Kansas City Chief (430), Green Bay Packaging Work (417), Seattle Hawks (417), New Orleans Saint (414) and San Francisco 49 (406). This 11 team has nearly 70% of the winning rate, 9 has entered the playoffs.

Trevi-Westmir first wild horses third preseason Denver’s wild horse gradually made a debut of the four-point guard. US Time Monday, Gary Kubiak, announced that Trevor Siemian will become the first quarter of the team’s first quarter-offs to the Los Angeles ram.

NFL never lacks surprises, the 2013 season is no exception. The total score of the season reached 11.985 points, with an average of 46.8 points per game, the most nfl history; the total number of TC has reached 1,338, which is 41 higher than the historical second.

Four games came down, Hill completed 23 battles, advanced 364 yards, and achieved 3 reaches. He said: «(Ramsse) is very high, but I guess I have to pay. I can’t wait to be with him, I hope he can give me more pressure. He is an excellent player, in order to make his name What is more known, I also need more people who have talents like this. Of course, I am not saying Chris Harris or other people are not good enough, but Ramsse is now in which it is in it is in which they are there in it and Hellip; & hellip; So I can’t wait. «

Ramsse will now brew words in your mind and then let them spray. Victims have included Giants, Little Odel-Beckham Jr. and Patriot’s near-Terrier Robs, Rob Gronkowski, this week, his opponent is the emirate outside Taili Tyreek Hill.

In addition to some traditions, 5 teams have also returned to the sand field after the first season, and it is also the Sandfield, Kansas City Chief, Carolina Black Leopard, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagle and San Diego Electro. Due to the 12 team system issued in the playoffs in 1990, there will be at least 4 teams who have not entered the playoffs in the season. The actual number is close to 6 years.

Bell advanced more than 9200 yards in five years of steel person, and the best lineup was selected. He signed a 4-year 52.5 million US dollars in 2019, but the shock of the shock of the squad last year is only 789 yards, which is low in his career. Jet Integrated Offensive Code Rank League countdown first.

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