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In the past few years, Scarnechia has always been one of the most top offensive front line coaches. After he returned, Tom Brady had a significant stable protection, and the patriot won two super bowls.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris — Godwin (Chris Godwin): Defending champion Pirates of Godwin used the non-exclusive franchise tag. Was selected to the Pro Bowl in the 2019 season, Godwin complete 65 catches last season, regular season 840 yards seven touchdowns, completed 16 catches for 232 yards made 1 touchdowns in the playoffs. He will receive $ 15.983 million salary in the new season.

Embuto Emanuel Sanders will sign with Saints 2 years

US time, based on ESPN reporters, Emmanuel Sanders will sign with Saints for two years, contract salary of 16 million US dollars, plus prize up to 19 million US dollars.

«Excited, modest, keep your desire, if you ask me to learn cheap jerseys from china football, then no one will care about you last year or the achievements in the previous year … Through your own efforts, you can win all your side. People’s trust and respect. I am about to start a new journey, thank you for giving me this opportunity, so I can do my own things. I am looking forward to meeting my new coach, teammates meet, and prove that I demonstrate my trust. I have always believed that I have proved that it is not said to talk about it, so I won’t say too much, because I am ready to continue! «

The details of the contract are as follows: 10 million US dollars award awards and 15 million US dollars (full protection); in addition, up to $ 22.5 million bonus, with quarter-branch ratings, reached the number of passes, pass the number, pass the ball The success rate and the average number of passes will enter the number of codes into the league; up to $ 22,500 bonus each year, with whether to enter the playoffs, the number of seasons and the number of appearances and the superb bowl and the play time are hooked. Therefore, Blandi can get up to $ 59 million.

Sanders is a 3-year show for the steel man, which is for 4 years for Pittsburgh, but it has been promoted from the race of racing more than 740 yards. He has more meritful in the wild horses: 101 battles in 2014, advance 1404 yards, reached 9 times, selected for professional bowls; 2015, the ball promoted 1135 yards, reached 6 times, won the super bowl with the team In 2016, the ball pushed 1032 yards, reached 5 times, and was selected for professional bowl.

Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen — Robinson (Allen Robinson): Bears on the outside to take over the star using a non-exclusive franchise tag. 27-year-old Robinson last season, completed a career-high 102 catches for 1250 yards made 6 touchdowns. Bears’s decision is not surprising, but after learning of the decision bears Robinson expressed dissatisfaction on Twitter. If the Bears did not use the franchise tag, Robinson, this might be the free agent market this year, the best wide receiver to select one. Now he will get $ 18 million salary.

According to reports, pirates provide a contract for a two-year total price of 50 million US dollars. The contract is all guaranteed, and each year includes up to $ 4.5 million in bonuses and non-tradable and non-use privileged tag clauses.

New York Jets safety guard Marcus — Meyer (Marcus Maye): Jets Meyer used the non-exclusive franchise tag. Jets had already expressed willingness to sign with Meyer about, but currently Meyer will receive $ 10,612,000 salary.

Robinson has expressed their current focus on the season, but it was obvious that Dean Deli-Hopkins, Keenan Allen, and Cooper Kupp, etc. The new contract, still triggered his disappointment to the bear team.

Opening the cowboy first, kicking a short ball, the ball falls around the eagle 15 yard line, and the eagle’s backcrhor Hushu (huff) is not concentrated, there is no passing the ball and be grabbed by the denim, the ball Right to the denim. Cowboy started at the Eagle 18 code line. After winning the first success, I came to the 1st file to score, and then the Demarco Murray was strong twice directly to the ball, and Murray has got this season 10th season 10 A flock of drums, cowboy 7 to 0 leads. The eagle got the ball to start attack, Mark Sanchez offensive weak, 3 & amp; out, only to discard kick, the ball exchanged to cowboy. Three gears 7 yards, Tony Romo came to find Jason Witten, winning the first job. Next, face 300 5 yards again, and the first work of Witten. Next, twice a running ball won the first time came to the eagle 30 code line, and once again faced the 3rd files, the third three-end is to find Witten first. Come to 1 file score, the eagle defensive end Cornus (COX) directly breaks through the front line to hold Murray, https://Desenfantement-Judiciaire.info/index.php?title=User:JulietaBroughton two gears score, the eagle angle guard against the denim star Endz — Bryant (DEZ BRYANT) illegally exposed to send Give the cowboy, and once again twice, Romo remembers that the high ball directly found Bryant, the latter jumped easily to pick up the ball in the air, the cowboy is 14 to 0 leads. The eagle offensive again, three gears 6 yards, Sanchez was killed, another 3 & amp; OUT, only to continue to discard kick. Cowboy continues to attack the wind, come to the Eagle 30, and the first quarter ends.