Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Red-skinned this week has earlier four players in the injury reserve, and 11 players cannot determine possible. Samaje Perine is one of 11 people, and he cannot determine the possibility of fighting due to his finger injury. Run Web — Kelley and Chris Thompson have entered the injury reserve list, and the health of Weling is more important.

In the past few years, Texas and Brown have never been able to find a suitable first quarter-off, although Brown has a chance to find four defenses this year, but a few seasons are not as good as finding a four-point bath that enters the super bowl.

Rawls this game completed 255 yards, of which 46 yards were the ball. At present, Rawls has more than 160 yards in two games. You have to know the team’s starting to run to Ma Shaen, Lynn, Marshawn Lynch The maximum number of career single fields is 153 yards.

This appointment is a win-win situation for Cabflin. He wants to keep busy after leaving the giants. The giant has provided him to give him a consultant, but this is inevitably will try to give the team’s new coach. McCadu is unhappy.

Red leather close-edge harm Jordan-Reed will not play Thursday Red leather close-up Q Jordan-Rudan Reed is still no significant signs. This Thursday will be the fourth game of his continuous absence, and he has absent five games this season.

This game Wilson completed 24 passes to advance 260 yards, four-point guards up to 138.5, and a few days ago, the coaching group has also publicly accused his pass issues, apparently played effective role.

For competition, players health and safety, coaches, general manager, physical measurement assessment, NCAA rules, and supervision of these committees, Cauffein has valuable value, and he will also spend most of the time in these committees. NFL also means that Kovlin will provide insights for other various operations, including rules improvement and professional bowl operations.

Although this seems to have changed huge changes, if Coflin has no enthusiasm for NFL, he will not agree to serve as this position. In the case of a reassessment of critical rules, there is a great voice that can help this process.

6 feet 3 inches, 265 pounds of body have proved that they have proved themselves in the superb bowl 51, when the team is hitting a line, it is the key to the transfer of the game. Heiliwa, next season, 27 years old, he is a core player that can run and prevent itself in the team’s defensive group.

According to the Alliance Statement, the old handsome who won the giant will be appointed as the senior consultant responsible for the operation of the Alliance, working with the wholesale nfl Jerseys Vice President of the Operational NFL Troy Vincent.

«We are very happy to bring our experience and character to our collective experience,» Roger Goodell, Roger Goodell, «said in the statement. «He is obvious about the enthusiasm of rugby, and we will make a huge contribution to the players and fans in each level and fans in the future.»

In the Sunday match, the Hawks over 49 people in 29-1, Rawls completed 209 yards, which is also the second good single scene of the Hawks History, and Russel Wilson ( Russell Wilson’s pass is good and finally helping the team to reach 50% of the record.

According to informed people, Safety Yal-Thomas and defensive cutals Brandon Williams broke out in the team training room. The cause is that Thomas expresses Williams this game failed to enter the list of matches.

In the past four seasons, his three seasons had reached a double digit, and his performance on the court proved that he can freely switch in the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive lineup. Jones has caused each other four-point guards to fall down the ball in the past two seasons.

Williams was joined the team injury report before the game, and he was listed as a knee injury and could not determine if it came. The team originally hoped that he was able to play, but he was still in good condition when he was warm up before the game, so the crow decided to let him absent. The absence of this professional bowl defensive cutaway, which has caused the team’s anti-running vulnerability, let Brambo shock off attack 193 yards.

You feel that you will not want to recruit a Cossus-level quarter-saving, which can solve their long-standing team commander. Of course, the red skin can be very categorically «no» to all the team interested in Coss, as long as they attach the privilege label on him. Considering that the affiliate is now experienced old quarter-saving rare, as well as the weakness of this rookie in the four-defense position, Maybe Cousins ​​is marked as a privileged player will be a wise choice. Since the beginning of the 2015 season, Kosins became the first quarter of the iron to fight, he has sent a total of 9083 yards, and 54 pass reaches (68.3% pass success rate, 99.3 points four-point guard) )

Thomas joined the crow this year, he had always dared to reveal his emotions when he was played in Seattle Eagle. In this year, the crow and the Trell Suggs, Eric-Wedr (Eric Weddle) and C.J. Mosley (C. J. MOSLEY) These veterans will be divided into force. These players are considered a team leader. So many people suspect whether these players will leave the team to lose the direction at the critical moment.