Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

This year’s 29-year-old Bernard is a two-year show in 2013. The career is a tiger effectiveness. He watched 115 games, and he pushed 3697 yards, reached 22 times. In addition, Bernard has also completed 342 times, promoted 2867 yards, reached 11 times.

NFL football weekend is an NFL American football activity in cheap jerseys from china‘s base camp. It is an open, safe and full of joyful platform. You can accumulate all teams and fans to enjoy this sport; here, you can not only see teenagers and The universities of the university group and the adult group full equipment rugby game, participating in the waist flag football training and skills interactive challenge, but also opposite the NFL legendary star, enjoy the food, cheerleading performance, music and other pure American football game days atmosphere.

The trajector’s external budget liberty is again absencing training in the next game.

Auckland raids took over Amari Cooper absents training again on Thursday. He did not participate in training yesterday.

Brady last season knee ailments, but did not miss the game. His arm still has power, made three touchdowns in the Super Bowl. But it seems Witwicky in Radford, Brady addition to the body, his professionalism and commitment to the game are also important factors.

After the Braddy grass is shaking hands with Manning, he lowered his head back to the lounge, like a big chicken who is only a brain. Manning is very calm and career in the 120th regular season, which seems to be a generous victory, but for this victory, Manning is working hard for four years. End six joints, ending the streaks of the enemy, Manning is waiting for too long.

Brady has been entered 10 times and 7 times to win the Super Bowl & mdash; & mdash; more than any team, let alone the players. Again and again he proved the critics wrong in these years. Now, he has a chance to finish surprising success the following season.

In addition, Cori Sremen, Larry Tri Prett, David Saltton and other defensive groups will all have arrived in the offline, and the gold defensive group just established will tell the analysis? In addition to Deng Ji, no one can answer this question.

The Pony in the United States of America is now in Texas in 7 wins and 8, if they take the status of the partitioned names cheap jerseys from China the Dezhou people, they can enter the playoffs. If in the 17th week of match, the Dezhou people defeated, the pony wins, the records of the two sides were 8 wins and 8 losses. The two teams will fight the battle record this season, who can win depending on the strength of the competition, that is, the team’s team gain in the season. Once the pony and the Texas have become 8 wins and 8 losses, then the following conditions are reached, the horses can have a stable line:

After Joe Mixon, Bernard took the team’s mission, and the first game was first played (the new career is high). However, his data can only be said that it is unmorinated, 124 shock push into 416 yards, the ball is relatively good: 47 games advance 355 yards.

Viking offensive coordinator: Brady incredible 43-year-old can succeed

When we talk about Tom — when Brady (Tom Brady) and his many accomplishments, amazing may be the adjective most frequently occurring.

«Of course not, before you thought it was impossible, right?» When asked if he ever thought Brady would achieve today’s success Radford Witwicky replied. «You watch him play the video, I know his arm still has vitality, can you tell me his arm is still alive. So you know his arm is still alive. But when you witnessed his performance, your feel, look pass that in mind, he heard the kind of ball, pass to teammate is beneficial, is penetrating the ball, but to see him be able to do all these things still feel very unique. day ah, I just had a 41-year-old birthday, I tried … and after seeing him, I think, my God, to see if he is still able to do those things that young men do. «

The battle of the short soldiers, eventually the patriot breaks the balance, Troy-Brown’s flying balls reaches the patriot to keep a hint. However, the little horse is iron, I want to take this hard. Wayne received twice twice, then Manning hide several times, let him embarrassed Mikinniste, once a 30-size long pass again to Harrison, the latter has already used vying to run away Samuel After receiving the ball, it fell into the end area, reached! 40-21! With only six minutes left, even Belipk tried to use challenge recording to save hope, this is also awkward.

The 16th week of the steel man was defeated by the dead enemy of the ranked bottom and lost initiative. But fortunately, the steel man does not have a small horse in the playoffs. As long as the jet is defeated in Bill, he defeated Brown. In this regard, the interests of the pony team are converged. Since the steel man is defeated in the chief this season, it cannot exceed the same record. If the steel man and the jet are 10 wins and 5 losses, the jet is extruded out of the playoffs through the strength of the schedule.

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