Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

We have previously expected that Newton will absence at least one of the preseason. The previous alliance MVP has one month to prepare for regular games. At present, the black panther is panicked, but the longer Newton is absent, and we will have more questions about the tacit understanding between him and blood-blood attack groups.

The coach Gary Kubiak said that he hoped that Sanders would participate in some lightweight training before the next game of 49 people in San Francisco. If he played this game or the last episode, it would be surprised.

The main coach Jay-Grunden said: «Lost an all-pro of a fight is not good, Williams is the best cut-off me, but things are unreliable. We don’t have to change the plan, because the replacement of his Taiggong is good. When Thai is present, he can maximize his own destructive power and skills, there is such an excellent player, we can rest assured that the established plan. «

«Injury is always depressed,» PeiTon Manning «said that it is not possible to train with his major pass target. «The injury is part of the game. Emanur is a competitive player. He wants to play and want to help players this year. Obviously when he is healthy, I know that he will play, I know He will be ready to appear. «

General Manager David — David Caldwell, is of course money. In the free player market, the former American Tiger has the most wage space & mdash; & mdash; More than 80 million US dollars. Jackson is an all-round defensive front line player that can be played inside and outside. Jackson acquired 45 challenges in the season. In contrast, Von Miller has achieved 50 challenges last season and is one of the best passions of the Alliance.

When NFL continues to face many uncertain factors, it is still possible to actually be possible. Of course, the goal of the Alliance is to make the game running properly as possible. Training camps usually do it in July. Before that, the Alliance will continue to prepare a variety of possible conditions.

But this Jackson is still very suitable for Jagua. Jackson is an excellent player, while the Jaguu has a large number of wage spaces. This year, for the Jackson, the Jackson is a better opportunity to hit the championship in the weaker Melon South District. The procurement of the United States tiger has not ended yet.

Legs tears are incredible. The wild horses and the team reporters did not expressed concern about Sanders’ unable to play the season. However, in the case of learning a new offensive system, for Sanders, missing the preseason may mean that they will slow heat when the game is important and can’t find.

The American Tiger will add some top talents to one of the most bad groups of the league. Last year, Dante Fowler will return from the knee cross ligament, Jackson will reinforce, including the frequent injured, Sen Derrick Max (Sen & # 39; Derrick Marks) A defensive front line. Jackson finally got a quarter-saved salary and will assume the pressure of the top player.

NFL will closely pay attention to the development of European football events such as Germany

The Bundesliga League is about to be restarted, which will become a key case in the operation of the sports event after the influence of the epidemic, and NFL will pay close attention.

In addition to online live competitions, the cooperation between the two sides also includes the broadcast of the exciting lens and the front player and the team in front of the game, giving fans in front of the game, and the game after the game and the game after the game.

NFL and Twitter cooperation online live next season Thursday night game

The Alliance today announced that they have selected the introduction of the exclusive partner of the World Online Live on Thursday Night in the next season. Twitter will live online from NBC and CBS 10 games on Thursday night, which will also broadcast on NFL TV.

Jiji Sixth Years Overlord Signing Defensive Dragonfly Malik Jackson

The defensive end of Malik Jackson, which was originally opened to this year’s number one free player, was officially opened in the free player market on Wednesday.

Last season, NFL broke the routine, and cooperated with Yahoo to broadcast a NFL regular season from the world. This is the first global user without verification. You can watch cheap Nfl Jerseys games. At that time, this London game from Buffalo, Jacksonville was 480 million, from 33% from international users.

The Bundesliga League will be restarted on May 16, but it will play the game at that time, this is the closest reference object that NFL can have since the world’s epidemic. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy Previously stated that alliances have contacted all US domestic sports alliances and other sports event organizations, have developed a series of processes, pay attention to which regulations in other sports events are useful and can be used in NFL .

Nfl official website reporter Ian Libot is reported that the Naxun, which helped Denver Mangma, who helped Denver Manga, who had obtained the Super Bowl of the Championship last season, have agreed to the Jacksonville American Tigger 6 years of $ 90 million contracts. This contract includes an amazing $ 42 million security income. Jackson will become the most heavy player who is urgently needed to enhance the level of defensive groups in this year’s break.