Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Anderson has only participated in 130-speed attack in the 2018 season, and the ball is 90 times. Todd Galley was 272 times, participated in the 835 offense, played 15 games. Alvin — Kamara drops 210 times, participated in 726 gear offensive. Mark Engram was 147 times, participated in 369 offensive.

After losing to Texas, the next game will not ensure that the Pony can enter the playoffs, but this is their only opportunity, so even if you know the three quarter guards — Whitehurst is very It may be debuted in the next game, and the little horse chooses Hassel Baker instead of the latter and is not surprised.

If they win the next game and have hope to enter the playoffs at the last week, the Pony will face the problem of the main quartz guards to prepare the return of the game. Pagano did not want to do such a distant estimate on Tuesday, but Rak himself said that the small horse has a chance to enter the playoffs, he hopes to be able to check and play the regular season of Titani Titan through a doctor.

This evaluation is not enough to let the Pony let Haselbeck rest in the game. Pagano said that he believed that Hasselbeck, who had been leaving in the past three games, may still be debut, and complete his eighth place this season.

In Viking, Newman will become a leader of Viking’s defensive guard positions, in this location, his teammates also have Zevier Rhodes, Tre Waynes, Harry Harrison Smith, Mackenzi — Alexander and this year’s first round show Mike Hughes.

Patriot Trend Zeaji Afuzo — Di NadThe new England patriots announced on Tuesday on Tuesday, rewarding Alfonzo Dennard. As a seven-round show in the 2012 season, Dadad came to 29 times for the team, completed 5 clams and 86 cuddles. Under the premise of a large number of lost second-line players in the offset period, the patriot will reach an accident.

«In my position, I didn’t have a lot of success in the alliance. At the beginning, I had an outstanding quarter-off, but I started to change people like a horse, this experience made me know the importance of the four-defense position,» he Say. «So I am very happy to join an offensive group that really doesn’t need me to win. I am coming to the brocade.»

Dadad is 6 feet, with a weight of 205 pounds, as a 7-round show showed the strength of the expected expectation. His physical fitness is more abright, and the style of playing is positive and capable of adapting to different kinds of defensive tactics. Relevant persons believe that Dadad can recover cheap jerseys From China injuries, he will be a reliable substitute for many teams.

Patriot Bishi Bill Bill Belich chose a corner and a security guard in the election conference. Their arrival may be the root cause of Di Nad to the team. In addition, the final stage of last season was injured, and the current recovery is still unclear. Some experts believe that Dadad’s injury is the main reason for the team to give up his.

Because Eddie Lacy is about to be free players, Thai-Montgomery (Ty Montgomery) should not be just a third substitute, Starks although it is a multi-faced hand in the running guard, but his role is not Big.

The Anderson Hall was cut off by Denver’s wild horse, and then signed with the Black Leopard. At 9 games in the Black Leopard, participate in the 73-speed attack, 24 times. After being cut by the Black Panther, he has signed a contract with the raid, and finally sign the ram.

The 39-year-old Newman career has achieved 42 cases, ranking second in active players. He has played a total of 221 games (205 games), ranked tenth in active players. Newman who once selected a professional bowl was at least 1 copy of each season. He also achieved a total of 876 hugs, 172 destroyed passed, and 2 times.

49 people left to be off, Williams: Garobo is four-point guards that can lead the winningIn the past 10 years, the offense of Trent Williams has protected the blind side of many Washington red skin quadrants.

Long-term unemployment eventually helped Anderson. He is therefore signed a ram, the latter is only a victory in a superb bowl ticket. In addition, this also allowed him to save physical strength, keep health, he feels more energetic.

Newman was selected by Dallas denim at the first round of the 2003 elected show. At that time, the Defensive Coordinator of Cowboy was now the Mike Zimmer. Newman for Viking in the past three seasons over the past 15 seasons, in the past 15 seasons, playing down in the latter.

In contrast, Anderson is indeed relaxed. He said: «In the past few years, (at this time) I have participated in 1,000 additional attacks, or 600-700 times. & Hellip; & hellip; I seem to be fast than anyone, partly reason is I am more energetic. «

«I think Jimmy is great,» Williams said. «I think he has proven to be a quarter-saving that can lead the winner. In this alliance, it is difficult to find such a quarter-saving position. The four defense is the most difficult position. I think this is why you see them. Will get such a contract. There is a four-point guard who can complete the correct reading and correct pass to make Kyle Shanahan sleep comfortably at night, because the team has one of you know that you will not be buried. The player of the game. You make him as a most favorable environment. He will lead the team. «