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Lynch said that even if the two sides cannot sign a contract, Kiterl will also take the team training and continue to serve as a good teammate. But Hilver believes that Kittel may threaten to exit the new season forced 49 people to meet his requirements.

The eagle defensive cutoff Fletcher Cox intends to lose weight

visit the next website page eagle defensive cutfold Fletcher Cox did not attend the first week of team training because of the family reasons, but he returned to the court on Tuesday.

«I went to play 320 pounds last year, I want to keep 310 pounds of weight this year, I called 312 pounds this morning, 312 pounds.» Cuts said, «Lightweight will give me some mobile strength, but I am worried. Whether the strongness of 310 pounds can be held with 320 pounds. I want to increase the speed while maintaining strong, both of which can be both. «

Austin is the first round of the first round of the ram in 2013, which not only will take over, but also be played back to attack hands and the ball. Austin career has been promoted in 7 years, reaching 25 times.

At the same time, Hendry became Russell in Seattle — the first choice after Wilson (Russel Wilson). The other two quarterbacks, former University of California, Los Angeles, Austin — Davis (Austin Davis) and a seventh-round pick Alex — Mike Goff (Alex McGough), now appears to have no hope of entering the ball team list.

Neilsen currently fights for five years in NFL, with the potential to advance the number, currently his ball propulsion is 17.4. But Nielsen has recently performed well. Last year, only two games were played, and they were cut off in November last year.

According to Washington local media revealed that Griffin performance is excellent in training and even more than the performance before injury. Main Coach Jay Gruden also praised the disciple: «He is making progress, he is doing very well.» Griffin did not participate in relevant location training, the team still said that he did not set the regression deadline for him. According to the official assessment of NFL, Griffin should take at least 5 to 6 weeks, which means he can return to the stadium before the 10th week. Washington red skin will also usually wear a rest week in the 10th week, and Griffin has enough time to retrieve the status.

Kirk Cousins ​​will start starting at the game with Seattle Hawks this week. However, the performance of Youxins is a disaster, 4 times being copied, and there is still a drop. The team hopes that he will retrieve the state as soon as possible, and face the defending champion is a serious test.

According to NFL Network — Tom Perry Cerro (Tom Pelissero), said the news confirmed that the Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett — Hendry (Brett Hundley) traded to the Seahawks. NFL Network observer Ian — Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) chips, said the deal is the sixth-round pick in 2019. The transaction was first reported by the ESPN.

From the point of view of Kitel, you can understand why he does not want to negotiate a new contract based on the current near-directional market. Kittel is not just close to the forefront. He is the head of the 49th pass, with excellent catching the ball and promotes the ability. It also highlights in the opening cover, and he is a team leader.

«There is still a significant difference between 49 people and George-Kitel, there is still a significant difference in the idea,» Hilver said. «49 people think they want to re-establish the market’s market and give him a rich close-end contract, and Kitel means, & lsquo; I think I am not just near-end. & Rsquo; near-end The market in the front market is really unsatisfactory. Jimmy Graham has set a benchmark in the contract of 2014. Austin Hooper is slightly over this contract in the free player market in March. One price, but if you think he regards him as the near-end strike, George Kittle can reshape the market, but in my opinion, recently, I have been voted by the colleagues to be the seventh good player. Kittel has been Hi Li chicken, he thinks & lsquo; I don’t want to be considered near-end strike & rsquo when renewing negotiations. «

If the best near-end-ended salary of the league can only rank more than 20 in the outer hand market, you can understand why Citte wants to be seen as a multi-facetor rather than being fixed in the near-end.

Hendry transaction should not be the last backup quarterback deal. Cardinals — Mike Glennon (Mike Glennon), Saints — Tom Savage (Tom Savage), who just team Josh — Dobbs (Josh Dobbs) and other players also continue to substitute other four point guard of the team’s consideration.

With the approaching trading window is closed, the Seahawks finally found Hendry as a solution. He was 25 years old, has the characteristics of a typical quarterback, strong upper body and good mobility. However, last season he has been striving for the ball on the right from the position of Rogers, playing in nine games in his offensive efficiency is even the lowest of the league in that file. Although preseason performance has improved, but he still could not beat Kaiserslautern won the backup quarterback position. Unable to replicate starting quarterback Aaron — Rogers myth, Hendry Packers fans very unhappy. From this perspective, he began a new Seahawks should be the best outcome for all concerned.