Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The helmet of the Lasco hit Bill back to Brandon Tate’s thigh, and fell to the ground. Other Saint players hurriedly found the medical staff to conduct emergency treatment, and after Lasco was sent out of the court by ambulance.

Jennings was founded in the expectations, but the trading of Wallace accelerated this process. The 31-year-old Jenningness was originally $ 8.9 million in income this season, but since he arrived in 2010, he did not catch a thousand yards a season.

Viking Kirk Cousins ​​does not build a tree, 36 passes 27, win 23 yards, no rever, drop 2 times; running 4 times of running 4 times , 1 sho is reached, and the ball is 65 yards. The bear reliends four points of Swaniel 30 pass 22, getting 195 yards and 1 pass to Deta, the defensive group still played outstanding, causing the ball 3 times, picking up 2 times, and killing Cousins ​​6 times.

In the competition of Baltimore and Cincinnati, the collar is left behind, and the crow will take behind Stevene, Steve Smith, received the fight against Joe Flak (Joe Flacco). The long biography completed the 80 code, but then the referee thought that Smith had a movement of the defensive player during the ball, and was sentenced to the offensive party to catch the ball, and the final crow lost the game. This Brandino said: «This ball is very interesting, but it is unfortunately a ball interference. All the movements that obviously prevent legal pickups are engaged in the ball. We look back, it is obviously completed Smith in front of the ball pushed the defensive player’s chest and push it down, so it is correct that he is penalized. «

Steel man cut back to the attack Garden JonesWhether the Pittsburgh steelman can rank among the rank or an unknown, but the future of the attacking Jones Jones seems to have an answer. On Friday, the team officially announced that it is cut back Jones. The latter did not grasp the opportunity within a limited time of the steel person, and the performance is inefficient and eventually throws away.

When the race was raised, Lasco raised his right thumb. The team will then confirm that his spine is injured, but the limbs still have a consciousness. Mike Hartmann, Mike Hartman, will accompany him to the hospital.

Another dispute penalty is the competition from the Indiana Pony and the Pittsburgh Steelman. At the time of the competition, this is a great time to puminate the pony. At this time, the three-point guardian andrew luck will be inadvertently inadvertently in the end, and then quickly throw it to no. The people are recognized by the referee to deliberately passing the ball in the direction of the person. Since Rack is in the end area, so it immediately determined that the steel man completes the safety division, this sentence is also made up of the pony out of the turn. hope. The debate point of this penalty is that some people think that the passage of the pull of Rock is outside the end area when passing, and the other party believes that the Lak’s main body is not related to whether or not the arm is extended. Explanation of this Brandino: «This penalty is actually very obvious, should not be controversial, the first direction of Takk’s pass is obviously no legal pick-up person, the next focus is in the moment of lake His whole body and ball are located in the end area, so whether the arm does not need to be considered in the end of the end.

After the race, the first wave of the bear is killed, and Mitchell Trubisky is killed, and unfortunately hurts the end, cheap jerseys from China the Subject 4 points to Zess Daniel (Chase Daniel) ) The top of the game and successfully harvested the pass to the ball in the first round. Since then, the Viking people attacked the sluggish and rushed twice, and the bear team hit 3, and the singer will try to expand the first to 16 points. Although Viking has got 1 sho of the squad to Dalvin Cook, this is no good. In the end, the worship of the unwrapping striking won 16-6 defeated Viking.

NFL officially said that there is no problem with two major disputes this week.In the eighth week of two games, each of the challenges of changing the competition and the results were also questioned by the outside world, and at this Tuesday, NFL Vice President Den Brandino (Dean Blandino) ) Means that these two judgments are correctly sentenced, there is no misjudgment.

The team, such as the Auckland raid team, such as an Oakland raid team, is not necessarily suitable for Jennings, which is high as the Auckland raid team. Ted Thompson will bring him back to Green Bay Package as the fourth extraction?

At the beginning of this season, Jones played to San Diego lightning. He and the team have reached a contract with a contract for $ 5.5 million. But just half a season, lightning gave up Jones. The hero who used to be a super bowl is now 31 years old, but he is still expected to find a new job next season.

Jones had a single drop in a single game in the earlier competition, which also became the root cause of the team to give up his. Because of the multi-attacks, including Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant, the steel people, do not need to make additional supplements in this position.