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The 32-year-old Eliot-Wolf is the son of Ron Wolf, General Manager of the Former Packaging Team, and Xiaoflf adds the Green Bay packaging worker in 2004. His ability is widely recognized by the outside world, and is the popular candidate of NFL future managers.

The packaging team renewed his general manager Tod Todes Thompson last summer until the 2019 draft, so if the small Wolf wants to become the next general manager of the package, if he is not surprising, he can only wait any longer. More than 4 years. At present, Little Wolf and Personnel Executive Officer Alonzo Hightsmith and university ball explore Brian Gutekunst as the Senior Assistant of Thompson.

The original words said: «I don’t think that after 9 games, he should be called a new show player. You can say that he is the first year of the player, but he is no longer a new show, he has too many talents. After those competition you can see that he can make the team’s offense is very good, I can’t see the rookie of the rookie in him, just like other outstanding four defense, he has a great talent, if This is his first game, I will say «This is not bad, there is a rookie four-point guard» but now the cowboy 8 wins and 1 loss, all this will change your view. «

Brown expressed gratitude to the retreat of playing opportunities: «I have already widespread a year and a half, I can have a chance to re-participate in training, and I feel very surreal with everyone. Now I will not put these as a matter of course, I will be grateful. «

Burg Bruce — Alianz (Bruce Aria) said: «He can run at full speed. Others may be walking, but he will run at full speed. This is him, but it is also very good. Everyone is helping him, he is The formation has a good time. & Hellip; & hellip; there is a good start. «

Crow defensive coach: Prescot is completely like a rookie quadrantZhou Baltimo crow has not started in the game, but the defensive coach of the crow is Dean Pees, he is very difficult to believe in Dak Prescott is a new show. Quarter.

Jeoque, general manager of the raid: Grude makes me don’t engage in the showBeijing August 13th Auckland raids have got two first-round draft privileges as compensation after the transaction of Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. They sent a player that had proven to be in exchange for the future.

Mercles also said that he might consider a first round of draft selection rights to accumulate more capital. This year’s draft is considered to have a lot of excellent players in the second round and third round. He believes that the extensive level of this year can make him build a better team.

According to the Danfo Yam, New York Jet and Cleveland Brown are intended to get Katnik, but 49 people’s request is a 2-wheeled draft. Previously, the wild horses have had exchanges, but 49 people were not recognized by the discussion of the contractual amount.

In still ten days, Mercio will usher in his first draft as a general manager. After the end, it will continue to stay in the general manager or will return to the media position. This will be his first test.

The raid people have the first round of the first round, the 24th and the 27th selection of rights. If they want to get rid of the location of the bottom of the Mei Lianxi District, this is an urgent need for the draft capital for a team with a lot of vulnerabilities to fill.

In fact, Prescot is indeed like an old four-shot of experience in the competition, and he has the opportunity to break the best quartz of the history (at least 100 passes), although we were The first 9 games are amazing but what will be like the next year, and it will still wait for five years.

Not only that, 49 people have been prepared to pay for 12 million US dollars in Cape Nick after April 1, at least in the name of Capenik will appear on the big list of 49 people. It seems that click this price can also let Capenik stay at peace of mind. Go down the position of the competition.

But maybe we have a clearer understanding for Braddy’s future. Members of all players have received the new labor agreement and will be done before March 12. After that, the patriots may negotiate more in Braddy.

«I really bring some inside news for us. I have been sending text messages with Tommy,» Huios said. «I usually not disclose these dialogue, but he tells me something is & mdash; & mdash; & lsquo; no one knows anything. So anything tells you that they know.» & Rsquo; «