Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

During the period, the reporter also asked questions about Colin Kaepernick, Manzell said: «Even if he is not the first, he also has the first qualification, he is a person who can guarantee the team to enter the playoffs. He will have a few years of low-rise, but he can re-come back, so I don’t think that his career is over. «

It is reported that this time comes cheap jerseys from china him, there is a reporter asked if he would not continue to play, what choices he will do, Manzell said: «I will continue to engage in sports, I can’t leave the sports business, I have asked I have such a problem, so I know the answer I want, and I will do some coaches. «

Jones said: «Today’s referee seems to redefine how to do block, as well as some other things, this has an impact on both sides. We will not change our play and techniques of us because of today’s penalty. I think this is very I ridicily. «» The whole game, the cowboy is blown by 9 different fouls, including 6 violations, and 3 lanterns.

Ward is not the first storm for today expressed disappointment Steelers legend, after running back Jerome — Bettis (Jerome Bettis) also made similar remarks. Ward is not the first to question Big leadership of former Steelers player. Now playing for the Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel — Sanders (Emmanuel Sanders) had a similar view.

Little Odel Beckham: I hope to get more opportunities

Brown took over Little Audel-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) recently made some changes, put the hair back to the flavorful golden. Beckham explained that this also means he hopes to rebound.

In endorsed Steelers general manager Kevin — Colbert (Kevin Colbert) believe this quarterback — Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) is no doubt the team leaders view at the same time, Ward also need to think Big Ben there are better leader skills.

Matthew is difficult to replace it is a meal, he will not only array the position of the safe bit, but also defensive slots, occasionally, can also be used as a wire guard to supplement the front line defense.

In the past four years in jet, Anderson used the countless defensive guard with the speed of track and field players, but his output is not always efficient. He has only one year of his life to advance 800 yards. He completed 52 battles last season, advanced 779 yards, reached 5 times.

Matthew prior to new crown is absent cheap nfl jerseys from china the entire week training, but the defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said Matthew is still attending the remote conference. I hope Matthew before the choved, but I also prepared a match plan when Matthew could not return.

Mackenzy Bernadeu (Mackenzy Bernade) played by Ronald Leary was penalized for 3 fouls; only a foul on the last season had a foul Zack Martin was blown. Penalty 2 times; the offensive front line is at least once, and the whole stroke is penalized 10 fouls. Jones said: «I repeat again, I think we need to confirm what is to pull people, not to correct the player, but the alliance forced us. Today, is the number of fouls have created a league record?»

Black Leopard will be with external handle — Anderson sign for two years

Tuesday, US-Tuesday, according to New York local media reports, Robby Anderson will sign a 2-year contract with the Carolina Black Panther. The contract salary of 20 million US dollars, 12 million US dollars will be paid in the 2020 season.

Jerry Jones expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment of the referee

Dallas Cowboys were punished by 18 fouls in this week, and this figure also broke the number of fouls for fouls in the team. Of course, this is not an active record. Although cowboy eventually wins the festival of the festival of 20-10, Jerry Jones remains dissatisfied with the judgment of the referee.

«I heard all these Pittsburgh Steelers storm off let me down, never before such a thing,» Ward mentioned about running back Leiwei Ang — Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) and wide receiver Antonio — said in Brown (Antonio Brown) News. «This is unfortunate as Leiwei Ang — Bell and Antonio Brown — the two best players next season will not stay in the team but yes, this is the team leader he served as leader, he has done so. . the only thing I think he had to take the initiative to become a better leader not only in his radio program he openly criticized his teammates have to put criticism behind the scenes & mdash;.. & mdash; like the way they treat are & mdash; & mdash; you know we always say that we are brothers & mdash; & mdash; like privately let me know what I can do to improve my performance you do not have to say so publicly so that everyone knows so I think he had to become better. leader. «

Steelers legend Ward: Big Ben need to become a better leader

Beijing February 24 hearing With the continuous fermentation of the Pittsburgh Steelers storm, more and more people to stand up and express their views.

Anderson and the black panther new coach Matt Rhule have had a teacher in Tianpu University. He will add extra speed to the black panther’s offensive group, becoming a weapon of Teddy Bridgewater with D. J.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel.

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