Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The Freud, who is about to become a free player after the end of this season, hopes to save the trouble-beterfish in the 2016 season in the patriot, and he is the lowest in the number of counsels (33 times) and the number (446 yards) this season. However, his boller has reached a new career.

Last season, 13 games were issued, and the total number of codes was 1470 and the Connect to the occupational bowl said: «We will strive to become the strongest team in each game. We will play each other, play order and discipline. We have enough Talent, just integrate them, work together, and good things will happen. «

After recent reimbursement of the Rob Gronkowski season, it is not surprising to see the patriotic repair offensive group. Julian, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell, can be taken outside, but Freud makes patriots again A pass target that proves its own ball.

Agolo replaced his number after the end of the season, which also means a new beginning. He said that he learned that «the water drip stone wearing a day». However, it is possible to raise the rapid improvement to let him stay in Philadelphia.

According to the Arizona Media, the Player was not satisfied with Freud was cut off. And his front teammate Larry-Fitzgerald said that he received a call from other team general manager and coach consulting Freud’s ability.

The team is obviously no problem, but the decline is what they deserve. At present, the health of Gary Kubiak is the primary problem & mdash; & mdash; the sustainability of this wild horse is too urgent to practice the teach chair. The homeland is definitely frustrated by the Falcon, especially the Falcon runs the audience. The most fascinated frustration is the performance of the offensive front line. It is so unbearable to face the mediocrity of falcon.

Why is this so? The reason is here: When the game is less than 1 minute, the raid person 24:20 leads the Kansas City chief, Moore successfully killed the Alex Smith caused 4 files 13 yards. However, after Since then, Moore began to celebrate with teammates Carril Mark, and did not realize that the game was still going on. At this time, the Emirates quickly prepared to kick, once the ball was issued, the raid person will be sentenced to the offside foul. It is also easy to temporary, and the Moore has been severely reprimanded on the spot.

This week, the sea eagle wheel, the team can finally be short-lived, but the serious problem of attacking the front line. Therefore, consider the front of the team, why does the Haiye ranked not to reveal? The team’s first round show germain ifedi returns a big role. Last week, the road attack on the ball jet is also a footger, but even if the «mobile Great Wall» attack on your cowgirl, the current running guards of the Hawks will not be able to cross the front line of the jet. 5. That is to say, as long as the Hawks give Russell Wilson, Wilson can contribute a lot of air attacks. Let’s take a look at the Dagong line of Tanner Mcevoy (.. What, there is no player in Vitcyl in Vantivi to make him play in Vantivi.

Agolo completed 59 batches in the past two seasons, got 648 yards and 3 reaches. Long-term last season was pressed on the bench and the movement of the team in the team will definitely let Agoul are confident in the crisis. Because the team needs to be alleviated by him, but the coach Doug Pederson said this week that these difficulties also make Agolo to take themselves stronger.

The eagle coach believes that competition can grind AgoloThis year, the eagle signed Torre-Smith and Alshon Jeffery, two taken behind, and also took two in the draft. Originally, if the first round of the first round sign Nelson-Agholor, they don’t have to be so anxious.

If you still haven’t rushed first, then you must «watch the ball cost». They were only a winning team, including three contestance teams in the five games, and have a defensive group with the least union. What is more interesting this week is: This is already the fifth coronation of the season. This week, Viking people hurt the Dezhou people, giving only a little breathing opportunity click for info Texas people, while letting BROCK OSWEILER look at the quarterback from the roadside casually pulling the ball. (Perhaps, he is the Texas casually found it from the roadside.) The success rate of the three gears and four-speed conversion of Texas people is only 1/14, and the running belt has passed 214 yards.

Tony Rom What believes that he has recovered to return to the court Dallas Cowbi has not yet been able to include Tony Romo in the health team, because the team needs steel people in the strait Pittsburgh.

Jones said this week early: «Our most important thing is actually there is no choice, we will continue to play, let the game tell us what will happen. And make the team to make a correct decision in advance, Luo What needs to do is to prepare for the state of return to the peak. «

It is still not a moment that the steel man can celebrate. Even the flying fans of the team will tell you: In Mike Tomlin, the steel man develops «good» habits & mdash; & mdash; if the dolphins faced by the weekend? However, this week’s steel man is still smooth. Sammie Coates caught high-end «home run», and can also hand slide the simple one code pass. However, near-end-ended Jesse James stood up, every offense after Coates lost, it could complete a reach, ignite the whole game «Hiishi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Hes» (Miller )»hymn. (Former steel man near the end Heath Miller has retired for 8 months, but don’t care about this detail.) We have discussed Coates and James. These players, the right cut Chris Hubbard and others have excellent contributions. The jet is thinking of limiting Le & # 39; Veon Bell and Antonio Brown game policy & mdash; & mdash; the next is the seventeen eight fell by others.

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