Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

5 days agoHowever, new technologies are unable to appear large and small problems in trial phases. Bill Teachers Doug — Mollie Doug Marrone obviously be a little dissatisfaction with new technologies, and he complained after losing to the giants, his tablet could not be used at the top two. «They told me that this tablet is very easy to use, but I can’t actually do it. But try new things, I am very excited, and the second half has been using, I like it.»

NFL Field New Technology Tablet Make Command

From the season, the Wholesale nfl jerseys team can use Microsoft tablet during the game, mainly for taking pictures or recording, analyzing the situation. Different from the past photos, tablets can be easier to zoom in or narrowed, view details, and make technical tactical adjustments in time.

After Gore, the team completed the 8 wins of the team in 2 seasons. Obviously Gore had the right to express their opinions: «There is no appearance in the playoffs, we have encountered setbacks, this is a team of sports, we The retreat is very hard. «

Hilton was accompanied by his wife in his wife and rushed to the game scene with Jacksonville American Tiger Team. In fact, when his wife just entered the room, Hilton was still sleeping in the team’s hotel, and people did not contact him in time, or a good friend of Hilton hurried to the hotel to wake Hilton, then the two people rushed to the hospital, no I missed the moment when my daughter was born.

Hilton celebrates the daughter born

Sometimes, the timing is the most important thing in life, such as the Indianapolis team take over T. Y Hilton, it has arrived at the site. On Sunday, Hilton’s broker said in the tweentium to the Hilton’s wife successfully produced a baby girl.

Since the next season begins, the regular season will become 17 games, and the super bowl is also delayed. The 2024 superblaren hold time (2.13) will conflict with the new Orleans local Carnival (MARDI GRAS). There will be no such problem in 2025, the carnival time of that year is 3.4.

Viking people new show corner guards were added to the injury reserve list

Beijing October 17, US Tuesday, Minnesota Weikans joined the new Show Hugak Mike Mike Hughes to the injury reserve list, accordingly, they signed the defensive cut-off David — Parry (David Parry) ).

Lightning boss does not want Los Angeles with NFL team

According to reports, NFL believes that at least 1 team will move to Los Angeles & mdash; & mdash; Dodous Stadium will become a temporary home & mdash; & mdash; and is very likely Auckland raid, San Diego lightning or St. Louis The ram will become a candidate team of relocation.

Perhaps Gore’s disappointment will continue, because there is news that the quarter-point guardian Andrew Luck may not be able to restore health in the first week. And this season will also be the last season of the Gore contract.

And it is still unclear which team really will relocate, although the raidists and the rare will expire with their own stadiums after the end of this season, they can move quickly. Mark Davis Mark Davis also concluded with San Antonio City, and Stan Kroenke purchased 60 hectares of land in Los Angeles. Lightning is also possible to travel to Los Angeles, but Spinos said that the team is still working hard to reach a new stadium lease, so they may stay in San Diego, since they have been here since 1961.

But listening to lightning, I don’t like Los Angeles, I don’t like Los Angeles, re-owned NFL team. «In the past 20 years, there is no 1 team in the Los Angeles market. We have expanded there, 25% to 30% in our business come from Los Angeles and surrounding Orange County,» Lightning boss Den — Sporonos is telling sports business daily. «Now putting 1 or 2 teams in Los Angeles. It will have a huge impact on our future business. So we are trying to protect our business in San Diego … Relocation is really harmful to us.» According to sports business Daily news, this is the first time that the lightning releases about their business from the Los Angeles market.

Spornos presents that the team moves to Los Angeles may face some team bosses against the opposition. If you want this relocation, you have to get 24 people in 32 team bosses. «I have already talked about this with some bosses, they expressed understanding. I know the President of the Alliance also understands.» Spainos said. «If you move a team to the other side to help the team hurt another team, what will happen? Well. If you move the two teams, what will happen «Well, talk fairly, there have been 3 teams & mdash; & mdash; Local Lightning and ram and raid people located in San Diego and the ram and raid people located in Los Angeles. Therefore, Los Angeles has 1 or 2 teams, not an unprecedented. However, Spornos obviously doesn’t like this idea.

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