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Crow coach: I believe that security Jamas does not affected by emotionBaltimore Crow will challenge Seattle Hawks in the next game. A large point in this game is the venue of the crow safety Ehr-Thomas (Earl Thomas) returned to the venue for many years.

And his last scene wearing the sea eagle jersey is to do an indecent gesture to the Haiying Bench when he is sent to the next. March this year, Thomas joined the crow. Crow coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) said he would not communicate with Thomas to ensure that he would not be affected in this game.

Thomas’s first round of the 2010 election was selected by the Hawks, but he was deadlocked last season, because the Hawks did not want to renew with him, and he did not want to trade him to other teams. Thomas once chooses to dismiss, but reported to the team forward before the season. His season was ended in advance due to the leg fracture in the fourth week.

Martin himself said: «I have been hurting in my knees this season. Then the ankle has a problem. This affects my performance, but I feel very healthy now.» This game, Martin’s first half holds 8 times, 8 times, Take a 92 yard. We have reason to believe that healthy Martin is still a strong running guard who can’t ignore.

Due to the backwardness, the pirates hit the ball in the second half, Martin only won 6 shock opportunities. 2 weeks left in the season, Martin expects to be active in a healthy state. Martin said: «We need to find the ground offensive mode that once familiar with. I believe I can retrieve the status and contribute more to the team.»

This game, Martin tried to rush 14 times, won 96 yards to create a new high, excellent performance, let people remember the Martin of the rookie season. In the 2012 season, Martin has more than 1400 yards, which is considered the core of the pirate offensive group. In the next two seasons, Martin was influenced by the injury, and the pirate gradually loses patience.

Doug-Martin is back, looking forward to re-departureThis season, many people believe that the Tampawan pirate running guards — Martin has been completely indulge, he will hardly return to the start, and compete for running guards. However, this week, Martin has proved that it can have something to act. Although the team eventually defeated in the Black Leopard in Corolina, Martin has completed the rush of up to 63 yards, and lay the foundation for the subsequent reachable.

The 30-year-old Skta joined the Jagua as a free player last season. He was previously used for San Francisco to play for 2 seasons, and the Tiger Tiger was effective for 4 seasons. Last season, he got 31 hugs in 13 games. He was considered to compete with this year’s two-wheeled Shiyers-Jack (Miles Jack) to compete in the outside.

Jackson, ranked first in the NFL official Buswork blog website. Jackson knows that he must improve the long transmission in the new season. If Brown keeps healthy, he will add Jackson’s more good strength to make him breakthrough in the advancement of Jackson’s progress.

«My brother’s high school coach actually played in the University of South California in that game, so I have a little video,» Reed said. «We dig this tactics. We actually have a whole tactics, so you have to wait until next season, you can see the rest. There are some good tactics.»

«We started training this tactics from the first day of training during the second phase of the rest,» Mahms said. «We trained a set of tactics, exercises every week, continuous practice these tactics, perform tactics in the right way, etc., when we arrive at that time, the coach said using this tactics, I feel that it is & lsquo; Time, let us do it. & Rsquo; «

Three players have started the quadrupanta Patrick Mahomes. Subsequently, the latter turned 360 degrees, and three players also turned around and re-array. Subsequently, the satellite-Williams received the center of the center and the squat promoted 4 yards to get the first attack. The chief has been reached after 2 attacks, leading 7-3.

«I think he will make great progress, it is better than people think it is,» Jackson said on Wednesday. He was hurt last year, people didn’t know this, but he still appeared, with a foot injury in each game and worked hard. I think he will show all the potential this year. He is still young, but he will show strength My task is to pass the ball faster because he is faster after the feet are completely recovered. «

Americas Tiger Line Wei Seuta is charged at first-class beatings According to the report provided by the police, Jacksonville Tiger line Dan Skuta was arrested in Orlando on June 19 and was controlled by the first level.

«We found a park in Hollywood, we came there and then strive to train,» Jackson said. «We have to build some tacit understanding before the training camp. We don’t want to make yourself when the training camp is started. We have completed some training. This did not reach my expectations, because we can’t train as much as possible. But everyone is It looks quite awkward in the training. «

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