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Los Angeles Lightning Tree Corner Wei Casy — HaywardUS time Saturday, Los Angeles lightning cuts Casey Hayward. Hayward signed a contract with the team in 2016, and the five seasons have been lightning effective.

AP Offensive Player of the ninth week: Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus — Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota), the rookie quarterback to complete the return from injury after four touchdown passes no passes were steals. After uneven start, Mali Horta in the 34-28 victory over the New Orleans Saints game ripped the defense. Mali Horta 39 successful passes of 28 (71.8% success rate) to obtain 371 yards 4 touchdowns and no captured killed.

In the five years of lightning effectiveness, Hayward was selected for professional bowls, 2 times selected the best lineup, and won the Flash Water Papent Award. Crave him will summarize $ 9.5 million in salary space for flash.

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Due to the former defensive coordinator Robert Saleh and the former offensive coordinator Mike Lafleur, I went to the jet to serve as the head coach, and the offensive coordinator. 49 people need to find instead of candidates, they choose to let the inner guards of Dimi Ryins (Demeco Ryans) instead of Sara, Mike Mike McDaniel, Slavlo.

Lynes announced its retirement in 2015, but in 2017, 49 people were added. In the past three seasons, Lynes won the player’s trust with excellent personality charm through superb communication skills. Fred Warner sees the best lineup and professional bowl under his hand, and it also said that this coach does not.

Is it asked if Revis is just blocked, and in the new team does not work, Geloski replied: «This is a basic practice for me, but he can feel it now. He is just giving me now. A little defensive pressure, in fact, he will practice the attack and defense with me after my return. «These basic training makes Gronzki and Braddy more tacit.

Midland ninth week of the best SWAT team players: New York Jets punt hand Ryan — Quigley (Ryan Quigley), Quigley continued the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive launched in the side position to suppress the depths of the half, his 9 once abandoned kicked five times into the other within 20 yards and did not punt into the end zone. Quigley kicker Nick — after Falk (Nick Folk) who served as the first place of the injured also kickers, complete all four additional points shot.

4. The Philadelphia Owl’s Runa, Lasean McCoy pulled to the toe in the confrontation of the New England Patriots team, although he said that it was very painful, fortunately, the problem is not serious. And his teammates & mdash; & mdash; External hand Jeremy-Maclin sprained the hind legs and absents the game with patriots.

Tom Telesco said in the statement: «Signing Casy is one of our best ways in the free market. This fact also makes this operation. Case is perfect. Occupational players, people who want to enter nfl Jerseys are a flashing example. «

3. DREK CARR of the Auckland Assault Team was killed by Detroit Lion, and he was seriously collided, causing the brain to shock, and then replaced the next, and the snow was added, it is, His teammates & mdash; & mdash; External hand Bryler also encountered the same injury.

Hayward played 14 games last season, and 13 of them were first, complete a copy, 8 times destroyed. He also served as a team captain. In the game of 9.13 last year, Hayward completed 12 times and won the honor of the best defensive players in Mei Week. However, in other days in the season, his staring is difficult to be satisfactory, especially on profound routes.

After Sunday training, Geloski said: «Some people defended more than one person running the route, I am more interesting, and I have opened the defender in front of them, and I started a bit like the game. Rewick sometimes gives me one Dotting down, forcing me to deviate from my own running route, which makes me recover faster. «

1. The defensive end of Arizona’s defensive end Darnell Dockett was injured in Monday and was lifted out of the court. The statement subsequently released by the team said that the former professional bowls were torn before the quarter of the stars, and thus reimbursed season.

Braddy and Redis help Gronoski adjustment to returnTime value patriots prepare the second episode, star close-edge Yabo-Gronoski is preparing to return to the training, he has received several big friends in the process of rehabilitation after knee surgery. He and Breddy practiced the ball on the sidewalk, star angle, Darrelle Revis.) «Defensive», of course, is not in contact. This is a good training before Gronoski prepares it.