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The genius near the edge Kel-Rudolf and Viking renewed for five yearsFollowing Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Viking team renewed with the team’s key player. According to Fox Sports (FOX), the team has renewed agreement with Kyle Rudolph, Kyle Rudolph, and the two sides signed a new contract for $ 36.5 million in a five-year value.

Bisley is the No. 8 show in 2015, the Falcon’s 2016 season, he completed 15.5 killing. However, the last season was changed to the line, and the Efficiency of Bisley was plummeted, only 5 killed. So the head coach Dan Quinn decided to let him return to the most comfortable position.

Since Elvi began to operate the team in 2011, the wild horses have become the most powerful team in the United Jione West. They have taken a total of 67 wins and 29 losses after that, 5 won the partition champion, and enter the super bowl twice. Only the patriot’s winning rate is better than the wild horse.

Kyle Rudolph graduated from the Notre Dame, and he was selected by the Viking Corner at the Second Round 11 in the 2011 Eleventh Ceremony. In the 2012 season, Rudolph 53 times successfully successfully promoted 493 yards, got 9 reacted for the team. Due to the excellent performance of the season, he was selected as a professional bowl of the season in the second grade. In the 2013 season, Lu Dolph was suffering from left leg injuries. He only called him. He still sent 30 batches to successfully advance 313 yards and sent 3 achievements of excellent data. Today, Rudolph’s injury has completely recovered, and his performance in the fourth season is worth looking forward to.

After joining the management of the wild horse, Elvi has repeatedly operated in the free player market. He signed the most important free players in the 21st century Peiton Manning, and he also attracted a professional bowl level of excellent players, such as Demarcus Ware, Aquibu-Tower AQIB Talib, TJ Ward (TJ Ward) and Emmanuel Sanders.

The data acquired by Nielsen in 10 seasons is enough to make his top team’s greatest rancore. In 136 games, he completed 550 times (team 3), Cheap Jerseys obtained 7848 yards (fifth team fifth), achieved 69 times to Dagua (Team History Second), 25 games Bai (team 3). In addition, he is the only player in the history of packaging team (2011, 2014 and 2016).

«I think he came to the team whenever he used the first player to treat training and preparation,» Henry said. «We know that he has been in Miami’s dolphins, so we know that he has such an ability. From he joined the team and later became the first attack team since his hand. He is very good.»

indeed so. Before the steel person of the strait Pittsburgh, Tanhir has been a 16 game for Titan, and the passing of 4,113 yards 35 times, only 8 passes have been copied, the pass success rate reaches 70.1%, quartz The score reached 116.0. In addition, he still has 5 shocks.

Denver Mangma and General Manager John Elvi for 5 yearsBeijing July 25th, the Denver Mangma has renewed the executive vice president of the general manager and responsible for the team operation. John Elway.

Titan Run Henry: Discussion MVP candidates should start from quartz satelliTennessee Titan runs to Derrick Henry has become the best running guard of the alliance, and he has also become one of the players who are expected to win the MVP of this season. But Henry believes that his teammates should become MVP.

After the renewal is completed, Rudolph’s annual salary will reach $ 7.3 million, of which $ 1.4 million has shown a team of confidence in him. For renewers, this 24-year-old genius player is very excited. «I am very happy to complete the contract with the team, I am very happy to continue to be effective for Viking team. I love Mingnesota everything, the most important thing is, I I know that my team will become better. «

In addition to signing outstanding free players, he also selected Feng Miller, which was later won the most valuable player, in the election, to put a new show, to a small Cristo-Harris (Chris) Harris Jr.) and CJ Anderson These valuable players.